Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my offence Notice Number?
You should find this in large print on the Notice of Intended Prosecution you received through the post, under the heading Notice Number.
Why can I not access the Road Safety Portal to view offence images and Reply to Notice?
Use the Notice offence Reference Number and your Security PIN to access the Portal. - If you are having difficulty logging in, it may take 24-36hrs from the day of the Notice issue date, to upload to the portal and allow access. There may be a similar delay to view offence images. In which case try again later. If your default phone browser has difficulty logging in, try an alternative browser.
Why have I been sent this notice?
We have photographic evidence of a vehicle exceeding the speed limit or contravening a red light/red x. Either the DVLA has you recorded as the registered keeper of the vehicle, or you’re the insurance policy holder for the vehicle, or you have been nominated as the driver or person responsible for the vehicle.
What if I ignore the Notice?
This notice is a legal requirement under section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, if you choose to ignore the Notice then you may be summonsed to appear in Court for the offence of failing to provide driver details. This is likely to result in a significantly higher penalty than the original traffic offence and carries a maximum penalty of 6 points and a £1000 fine (£2,500 on a Motorway).
I didn’t receive the Notice within 14 days?
The requirement to serve within 14 days only applies to the first Notice issued to the details held by the DVLA. If you have been subsequently nominated by another party/company, or your current address has not been updated at DVLA, then this may be why you have received a notice after this period. In these circumstances, this request for driver information is still a legal duty, and you are required to respond.
How long do I have to respond to this request?
As soon as possible, normally within 28 days from the Notice Issue date, which can be found on the Notice.
What should I do if the person I am nominating lives abroad?
You will not be able to complete an online nomination, you will need to Reply to the Notice providing the driver details, as well as evidence that they were in the country at the time of the alleged offence, and provide a copy of the insurance policy confirming they were insured permitting them to drive the vehicle at the time.
What should I do if I do not have the complete address i.e. just the street name
You will be unable to complete the online nomination and should complete the Notice with as much detail as you can. Providing a covering letter as to why you are unable to provide the full details. Posting back to the Camera Enforcement Unit.
Can I see the Photographs and Cameras Calibration Certificate?
Photographs can be viewed by logging in to the Road Safety Portal using your Notice Number and PIN supplied on the first page of your notice. It may take 24-36hrs from the day of the Notice issue date, to upload the images to the portal. You can view the camera calibration certificates at by searching Camera Information.
I don’t believe it was my car that was responsible / at the scene of this offence
You can not use the online Portal and must Complete the form, and write explaining why you think it was not your vehicle responsible for this offence, provide as much information as you can to support your account. Provide 6 colour images of your vehicle taken in day light, including Front, Rear, Both sides and close up images of the number plates. We will then review.
Mitigating circumstances
We will only consider any mitigation once there is an admission to being the driver on the form. Details must be in writing, either by email or letter, and cannot be accepted over the telephone. It must be supported by written evidence. Please note any mitigation request does not affect the statutory time limits – continuing to write to us after a decision has been made will not delay the process and may result in Court proceedings. Mitigating circumstances
What is an electronic signature?
You will not be able to submit your nomination without completing this field and ticking the box stating that you are the person/representative of the company that this letter is addressed to and that the information that you have provided is true to the best of your knowledge and belief I make it knowing that if it is I have tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I wilfully stated that which I know to be false or do not believe to be true. Without this, you have not complied with the (C.J Act 1967, s9) (M.C. Act, ss5A 3A and 6B).

If you are making an admission, you are confirming you understand that you are submitting the online form in response to Steps 1 and 2 of the Notice of Intended Prosecution, to confirm you were the driver at the time of the alleged offence. You also understand that by entering your name and completing the online submission, you are signing this document in the same way as completing your usual signature to confirm the content of the information contained within in it. You also understand that the online admission may be produced in Court if necessary.

What happens next?
If you were not the driver and nominate someone else.
The person you Nominated will receive their own Notice. You will not hear from us unless, there is an issue with the details of the person you have nominated.
If you were the driver.
You will be considered for the options of an out of court disposal, either a driver retraining course, or a fixed penalty, or if you are not eligible for these options because you have recently attended a course or already have too many points, the matter may be referred to Court. We will contact you with possible outcomes once we have completed eligibility checks.

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